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Cubicles & Christ: In Pursuit of Spiritual Authenticity
Understanding Success as a Christian Woman
January 22, 2018 Cubicles & Christ with Kelley Johnson

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Let's talk about success! One of the unspoken questions many Christians have is, “Can I be successful in my career and be spiritually authentic?”

Today’s guest, Katara Washington Patton, has actually looked at success from multiple angles. She is the author of a series of books on successful living based on Biblical characters:

Successful Moms of the Bible

Successful Women of the Bible

Successful Leaders of the Bible

Katara has also created supplemental material for best-selling authors, such as T.D. Jakes and Joyce Meyer. She was general editor of Aspire: The New Women of Color Study Bible (Zondervan), the writer for the teacher’s workbook for Bishop Vashti MacKenzie’s Journey to the Well (UMI), and writer and acquisitions lead for Beth Moore’s So Long, Insecurity Teen Edition (Tyndale).

Katara graduated summa cum laude from Dillard University, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications and English. She then earned a Master of Journalism in magazine publishing from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. She also received a Masters of Divinity from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, where she received the outstanding preaching award.

Katara is a native of Thibodaux, Louisiana. She and her husband reside on the Southside of Chicago with their daughter. As much as possible, she tries to enjoy a Zumba class and a competitive game of Scrabble to keep her life balanced.

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