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Cubicles & Christ: In Pursuit of Spiritual Authenticity
Doctor's Orders: Practicing Medicine and Christianity
January 22, 2018 Cubicles & Christ with Kelley Johnson

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Just what the doctor ordered! What's it like to strive to be spiritually authentic when you work in an industry that is often perceived as very science and data driven, like the medical field.

My very special guest in this episode is Dr LaJuan J. Chambers, a board-certified and fellowship-trained pediatrician. During her medical training she began working with children in her church. She stays active in her faith and takes mission trips to Third World countries. During this segment, she shares with us:

Her thoughts about how Faith, medicine and science go together.

When knowledge and training is not enough. Seeing the miracle of God working in the healing of one of her most intensely ill patients. The power of prayer.

The one thing God asks all of us to do.

How to know your calling or purpose and her somewhat accidental journey to becoming a pediatrician.

God plants in us His desires for us.

The significance of being uncomfortable.

How Jim Cymbala’s book, "Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire," made a huge impact in her Christian unexpected and touching moment during the show for LaJuan and Kelley.

The power of sharing our story with others.

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