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Cubicles & Christ: In Pursuit of Spiritual Authenticity
From Setback to Seven Figure Success
April 02, 2018 Cubicles & Christ with Kelley Johnson

From Setback to Seven Figure Success

Cubicles & Christ with Kelley Johnson

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Ever feel like you have hit a point of no return? Like maybe life or the Enemy has won? Be encouraged by the raw and real story of Whitney English, a very successful entrepreneur who knows what it's like to hit a bump or two.

"Whatever I tell you in the dark, speak in the light; and what you hear in the ear, preach on the housetops." Matthew 10:27 Scripture reference from Oswald Chambers devotional titled, "The Discipline of Hearing."

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Join the Cubicles & Christ Community! A private FaceBook group where we can share, learn and pray!

Ever feel like you have hit a point of no return? Like maybe life or the Enemy has won? Be encouraged by the raw and real story of Whitney English, a very successful entrepreneur who knows what it's like to hit a bump or two.

"Whatever I tell you in the dark, speak in the light; and what you hear in the ear, preach on the housetops." Matthew 10:27 Scripture reference from Oswald Chambers devotional titled, "The Discipline of Hearing."

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Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:05Hello and welcome to keep a course and Christ Kelly Johnson, certified leadership coach and founder of be well. My soul is on a mission to encourage and inspire you to be spiritually authentic and thrive in life. Let's join the conversation with Kelly now.

Speaker 2:0:23Today we're going to talk about the different phases of life and all the twists and turns that our careers can take, our businesses can take and how we can experience God through those different phases. I am so delighted to have Whitney English with me today. She's a business strategist, a coach, and a consultant. She considers herself a serial entrepreneur with nearly 20 years of business experience. She started her first company with babysitting money when she was the ripe old age of 22. Since then, she started over a dozen businesses and two of those companies achieved seven figures in revenue and we're going to talk about that today, but she's also a wife, a mom of three, and the founder of the best selling planner day designer, a daily planner created to help women live a very well designed life. Whitney, thank you so much for being here today.

Speaker 3:1:18Kelly, thank you for having me.

Speaker 2:1:21I am really excited to talk with you and I really sort of stumbled upon your day designer brand first and then I was intrigued about who you are because I think this whole well designed life is a big issue for me right now or it's a big area of focus and so I thought, okay, who in the world is behind this day designer? And that's really when I stumbled upon you and I saw that you were very open about your faith and family being so important. So it's really an honor to have, um, have an intimate conversation with you.

Speaker 3:2:00Oh, it's an honor to be asked and I'm excited to be here. Thanks again.

Speaker 2:2:03Yeah, absolutely. So let's kind of peel back the layers of the onion a bit and get to know you more from a spiritual perspective. Cubicles and Christ is all about being spiritually authentic so that we thrive in every area of life. And obviously the foundation of that is our relationship with the Lord. So how did you come to know the Lord in your life?

Speaker 3:2:28Well, I grew up in a Christian home. We were the people that were in church every Sunday, Wednesday, Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday. I would they be. I think I was pretty young when I asked Jesus into my heart. I put air quotes around that if you want. Um, I think his salvation experiences, it's very individual for each person. And I am bent a lot of my younger years in a lot of like, am I really saved? Am I not praying the prayer? All I need to do, you know, what's, what does this all look like? What is this supposed to be? What does this all mean? And I was in college whenever I, I actually read a book called passionate parody by an author named Elisabeth Elliot who many people know and love to read. And it was a book about bringing your Love Life under Christ's control that when I read it I was like,

Speaker 2:3:28oh my gosh, this is about bringing my whole life under Christ's control.

Speaker 3:3:33Like every single bit of it, not just my love life like this. This is a book about like, who, who am I submitting to as an authority, like if you, lord of my life, and, and I think from there that's been just a key theme of my journey, you know, am I giving him all the corners, all the spots, and even the ones that sometimes don't make sense, you know, how do I give my monthly budget to, you know, his control. Um, so that's just the key theme of my life since that point in time.

Speaker 2:4:06Hmm. Know, that's so interesting because the word submission in connection too often, like baggage, a little bit of a gut reaction. Um, oh, for sure. And it's interesting because my salvation experience, um, I don't think I've ever shared it on the show, but I wouldn't say that I grew up in a super structured religious home. It was very, very, very faith based, but we were not like regular members, attendees of church. We kind of moved around a lot and we changed churches a lot, but we would have Bible study time at home. Um, my mom would have this memorized different scriptures and so faith in the Lord in a relationship with the Lord was a big part of home life, but we didn't have what I would consider a lot of traditional structure around it. Hm. Yeah. So if I fast forward that I love how this book inspired you to think about submitting to the Lord in all areas because for me, my career was probably the last area that I submitted to the Lord. So I don't know. Yeah.

Speaker 3:5:25And if I'm honest, I'll be, I'll be honest, there are areas that are not submitted, I want to say probably not submitted, but I know that I'm human and I love control and I hate the mission and in my sinful nature to want to grab those areas back and think that I can, I can do them on my own. It's a battle. It's a daily battle.

Speaker 2:5:48Absolutely. I agree with that wholeheartedly. So let's talk a little bit about your journey as a serial entrepreneur. You Call Yourself, um, I love your story and I would, I just love it if you'd share it with our listeners.

Speaker 3:6:04Sure, well the rapid fire version of that is, as you mentioned, I had a degree in interior design, but um, that year was 2001 which was nine slash 11 and so that, that bottom dropped out. Nobody was redecorating their home entry level position. So I moved back in with my parents, started a wholesale stationary company and that was great. Um, we a couple million annually growth until we, until we didn't until it didn't work and through some forces outside of my control and that definitely I'm there parts of that failure that I've had need to take responsibility for. We ended up having to file bankruptcy and um, it was the people always ask, what was it, personal bankruptcy or business. It was business, bankruptcy and I was just at a starting point again, rock bottom, jk rowling has this quote and so rock bottom became the foundation on which I rebuilt my life and we hit that point in our marriage with our family.

Speaker 3:7:13Um, at the time of the week, found out I was going to have to file bankruptcy. I was eight and a half months pregnant with our third child. Um, so it was just a really, really dark time and that was also, I had at that point in time, I had also been working on this plan or concept for awhile, um, had finally come up with a name for it as a unique concept and decided to call it day designer and we completely coincidentally launched that the same week we, we got a letter realizing that a letter in the mail for my first company that revealed to us that we were going to have to file bankruptcy because of it horses outside our control. So I was hopeful that day designer would, what's save that other company that we'd be able to make some cash back, that it was a slow start.

Speaker 3:8:00Um, I feel like the best things always are. And I was grateful in hindsight for the clean break that bankruptcy provided us, even though that wasn't my choice and it was a struggle from an integrity standpoint, haven't been been raised as a Christian. Him obviously. And then they center started doing really well. We, I trademarked it. I wrote a blog post that I would be willing to sell it or we'd love to collaborate with some people on it and I got a phone call that there was a company called blue sky that was interested in putting those products into target, which was just like, excuse me, hang on. As I got a crazy day, was able to collaborate with them for three years and then they, they came and asked if they could actually buy the whole thing and that was an answer to prayer. It had been, I'm heavy on my heart for several years, two, um, want to want to be able to be more of a mom and focus my time and attention on my kids. And I was just really grateful for the way everything worked out. And now I've partnered with them, um, as a consultant, I'm an advisor on the brand strategy of a designer and trying to figure out what's next. So that brings you to modern day Whitney.

Speaker 2:9:21Oh Wow. I love that. Okay. So there's so much there to unpack and I'll, I'll try to do it some justice. It's interesting because today my daily devotional, I'm reading Oswald Chambers Book. Yeah, my utmost for his highest and I'm behind, but that's okay. Uh, so today's devotion was about the periods of time when we were in darkness and when we're not hearing from the Lord. And what he says in the devotional is that when we're in periods of darkness, we should stay silent and just listen. I'm curious, when you were at what you called your rock bottom, what got you through? How did you persevere? How did you manage that time?

Speaker 3:10:16Okay. That you're bringing up this. I'm going to answer that question in a roundabout way. In so many ways, Kelly. I feel like that's right where I've been this week. It's just this crazy period of darkness and I was in Bible study on Sunday with a friend who I was sharing with us of this, a new, a new colleen. She was making an announcement, US significant, huge. Um, and she just said she felt the Lord's calling so clearly and I pretty much burst into tears. It was everything I could, I could do to keep from. Yeah. During the shaking shoulder thing, because just like I feel in such darkness right now, I feel um, like there's, there's no calling, there's no answer, there's no clarity and ready for the Lord to shut some doors or just slam him, you know, we, and, and thankfully last night we got a slammed door.

Speaker 3:11:20We were going to, you have it completely, side note, we had a, we have a home and that we're trying to sell and we thought it was going to be rented out and then we got a text from the renter and she can't rent it. And so I'm just like, who cares? Like, thankfully it's the door shut, you know, instead of one at standing halfway open. But I just feel like I'm in this hallway withheld, is half open doors and it's a dark hallway and there's little cracks of light, but I'm not sure which way is the Lord's way or which way is his will. So, um, in some ways, just hearing you say that do is listen is so much encouragement to me. And I'm question for you is, was there a scripture on that devotion today?

Speaker 2:12:08You remember what it was, I don't know it's out of Matthew, but I will post it in the show notes. Okay. It's out of matthew chapter three, but it's talking about how, what we do hear from the Lord, we should basically shout it from the mountain, which, which I thought was pretty interesting. So it's like when we get it, when we get the word from the Lord, we're supposed to like go and run with it. And so that was encouraging, but I'll be sure to a personally send it to you, but b, I will also post it in the show notes for this episode because I can totally relate to those periods of darkness where I call it fog. Um, and I call it fog because I feel like at times I can see glimpses, glimmers of what I think he's leading me to, but there's so much mist and fog around it that it's not clear yet and I'm not, I'm not very patient. So it's, it's hard. And I am learning. So my word for this week has been contentment. Yeah, man. Oh yeah. And, you know, Paul talks about, I've learned to be content with lack or with plenty, and that's for me even just contentment, not knowing all the answers, not knowing exactly how it's going to work out. I've been in this place before where I have to learn to be content, learn to be anxious for nothing. But, um, obviously repeating that lesson for a good reason. Yeah, yeah,

Speaker 3:13:50yeah. We repeat them all.

Speaker 2:13:52Um,

Speaker 3:13:53back to the last question you asked about how did I deal with that period of darkness whenever I was sort of between that company that was clothing and, and data director of ramping up. It was a very quiet period. I was pregnant for a couple of weeks and then for the remainder of that year it was, we call it our year of epic failure. I was home trying to take care of three kids under the age of four and I'm and file closing documents on a company that had failed. And I was very embarrassed. I felt a lot of shame. There was socially, we didn't do anything. I just didn't, didn't want to leave the house, didn't need to leave the house. Um, and I feel like the Lord met us there in that, in that quiet period. There were so many times over the course that year were, we felt his provision and I don't know that right now I'm being quite as it's quiet. I need to dig into my life and figure out what that, what that means.

Speaker 2:14:57Um,

Speaker 3:14:58but it's just, it's hard to figure out what, what his will is in those periods of darkness. And it is, like you said, I'm not a patient. It's hard to wait, know

Speaker 2:15:08[inaudible]. Many of the listeners of this show are highly accomplished individuals, mostly women. And when we are accustomed to making things happen, getting stuff done, when we are in those periods of darkness, it's, it doesn't feel productive. But I think what's been an encouragement, an encouragement for me is a, making sure I'm really spending the time that I should in the word of God. Like how am I really doing my devotional time? Is it the quick perfunctory? Like, yeah, yeah, that's a good devotional. Go, am I giving myself enough time to truly get in the presence of the Lord and reflect on his love for me,

Speaker 3:16:00[inaudible].

Speaker 2:16:01And then I think the third piece that I'm really kind of tapping into is what do I know about what he's done for me in the past, and using that to sort of carry me forward during the times when I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to be doing. But those three things have been kind of my, my anchors, um, my handles on life when I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to be doing. And I'm frustrated and I'm whatever.

Speaker 3:16:33[inaudible], there's a really cool song by elevation worship that I've seen you do it before and I believe you will do it again.

Speaker 2:16:43Absolutely.

Speaker 3:16:44We'll have to find it. That you can link to that too. But I heard Christine Kane's speak. I'm sure many of your listeners know who she is. She just, and amazing or deliver of the words of the spirit.

Speaker 2:16:58But

Speaker 3:16:58she mentioned that song, laid it at. I'm at a conference I was out last fall and it was like, yes, I do. I've seen you moved before and I believe you're going to move again, and so it's that in between that waiting, that period of darkness that I feel like I am in this very week. So thank you for the encouragement.

Speaker 2:17:17You're welcome. He has done it before and he will do it again. I believe I lead a small group in my home, women and I believe that these periods of darkness are a part of our maturity process where I know, I know who wants to, who wants to be more mature, uh, but to whom much is given, much is required.

Speaker 3:17:48Yes ma'am. Yes ma'am.

Speaker 3:17:53And even our pastor, it's interesting that you had a moment on Sunday because this past Sunday I also had a moment and our pastor was talking about how God uses those periods of darkness a or difficulty to equip us for what's next on the other side. And my personal point of view is if we try to rush that training ground, that proving ground, we're really just delaying what the Lord wants to do anyway. But sometimes we have to sit where we are and soak up, soak in. We're soak out because sometimes we need to prune some things, but sometimes we just need to sit there and except the, the lesson except what he's trying to do in us because everything has purpose. None of that time is wasted and it will be so beneficial when he moves us to the next phase. And so I just think it's interesting that you and I are having like these parallel paths, these parallel reflections. I'm all within the same week and we didn't even know that. Yeah.

Speaker 3:19:03So let's see what else? Um, I'm curious about, you talked a little bit about the shame aspect. Um, it was a business bankruptcy, but what encouragement, what lessons did you learn in terms of dealing with shame? Um, that maybe you could share with, with others? Yeah. Well, I mean, I still feel like I deal with it. It's, I, I, I don't feel healed from that burden right now in life and on the outside, like people are probably like, oh my gosh, look how. Why on earth do you feel shame? And I think that that's getting a hold of me and causing me to focus on the wrong things and I tend to be very, I'm very self critical. I don't know if you are not familiar with that. Tell me more. It's an ancient personality prototyping system that some Franciscan monks got ahold of and then the Catholic church actually started using and so many of the authors on the modern books about it, um, our, our priest.

Speaker 3:20:39And um, it's just, it's interesting how the church is using this to understand our inner workings and how we're each made and how we're, how we're different. It's a rabbit hole. Dive into it. There's a great book called the road back to you written by a guy named Ian Cron. He also has a podcast called typology. So for anyone who's interested in, I feel like people who love podcast live podcast, there's another podcast recommendation, but everybody's a number one through nine. And I am a seven that I tend when I'm unhealthy, I tend to go towards one, which is the perfectionist. Sevens are like, oh, Yay party all the time. Kelly wants to do an interview. Yes. Once they're like, you know, like an unhealthy one, like trying to control everything and know all the details and everything has to be perfect before you can start. And, and I am so much better as a seven and I am a, one ones are not bad.

Speaker 3:21:42They have their strong suits too, but that there's a healthy and an unhealthy side to, to everyone. And that's my unhealthy side is I just get very perfectionistic and, and I think that that is where shame really loves to get a foothold. Shame Slash Satan and I, one of the ways I try to combat it is on social media. I just try to speak it. I just try to say like, this is what I'm dealing with. Um, my husband and I have had a rough week marriage wise. Is that a rough 12 months, marriage wise? If I'm really speaking honestly and I don't think he would mind that I'm saying that and you know, I think that shame gets sit hold there. It's like, well, you know, we can't talk about that. Like our parents would find out or you know, thankfully everybody at our church pretty much knows it's a, but just that little voice that's like, oh well who's going to find out?

Speaker 3:22:41What are they going to think, you know, what opportunities is that going to cost you? And Man, I wish I could just live like Jesus wanted us to, which is shame free. It would be so much more liberating to, you know, throw all that out the window and just be like, this is who I am. Take it or leave it. But I probably feel like that about one day out of seven and I wish it was more six out of seven, you know? Yeah, absolutely. Well one, I just want to honor and celebrate your authenticity in this moment because I have also personally seeing that there is power in our testimonies and I feel like most of us want to wait until we've got the nice shiny red bow around whatever has happened in our marriage is perfect. It's been healed who were so in love with each other and we can't keep her hands off of each other. But I think that there's power in sharing the fact that, you know, we're struggling, but God is faithful

Speaker 2:23:45or

Speaker 2:23:46uh, financially things are not that great, but God has been a provider and when we replace the truth, or excuse me, when we replaced the falsehood of what the enemy tries to tell us with the truth of the word of God, we can, we can still be very real about where we are in this moment without giving Satan power or authority over our lives are what's happening in our lives. And I think that's an aspect I love that, that somehow shane came up because this show is primarily about spiritual authenticity. And if we can't be real and authentic about, there are times that we feel shame, then we're, we're not really as authentic as we could be. And it's a journey. It's a process. None of us get there overnight, but I think I just want to maybe use this as an encouragement to pay attention to where you feel shame and reflect on what does the word of God say about that.

Speaker 3:24:53Yeah, for sure. Another thing I just thought of while you were talking was you were praying right before we got on the podcast. Great. In my head as you were praying aloud for us was thinking, yeah, Holy Spirit. Like, give me your words. Um, you know, that in the armor of God and the Holy Spirit is sword and he is the weapon. Yeah. It is so interesting that we so often asked her him to be our words because that's, those are the bad words word there. The battle that we're fighting these days in our heads and I'm on social media and everywhere it all comes down to that. And um, those words of shame that echo through my head so often are not his words. Those are not the words, the Holy Spirit that's not plain and simple. I just had this major light bulb moment. Um, so yeah, I need to, I talk a lot. How about with friends and stuff? And it's about reprogramming. Okay. Through piles of therapy and believe it's important. And I just, I know that the things I say in my head to myself are not the words of the Holy Spirit. And I just go back to back to your statement earlier about just needing to be rooted in the word and being quiet. You can hear those words. Oh my word. How do we do that? You know, consistently.

Speaker 2:26:22Absolutely. I think, how do we do that? That's funny because. So I'm, I'm an executive coach, but I also have a coach and I believe in what I do. Um, I believe in quote unquote what I sell. And so I'm also a consumer of it. And I had a conversation with my coach earlier this week and she kind of asked me the same question you just asked, how do we, how are you going to do that? Um, her question was when you were feeling like you are in that period of darkness or maybe you're feeling anxious about where you are, how are you going to combat that? And that's kind of where I came up with those three things that I mentioned earlier. Stay immersed in the word of God. Get into his presence and remember what he's done in the past. So that was my action plan that I came up with. Um, but we, we were talking about in this first came up, so I'm going to share it. It's revelation 12 verses verse 11 and I think I'm reading, I'm not sure what version this is, but it says they triumphed over him. Satan, by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony.

Speaker 2:27:41Yeah. And so she and I just kind of had this moment where we're like, wait a minute, we overcome Satan by our testimony. Like, like our testimony is on the same level as the blood of Jesus. Oh my God, he's so good. I mean, it makes sense. Like I feel like whenever I speak to the shame that I tell the story and that's why I talk about that bankruptcy is because I feel like if I don't talk about it, it, it will become part of my shame as long as I keep telling that story. Um, it's, I guess it's part of my testimony. Instead, you're making me want to cry. I'm sorry. Oh No. This is beautiful. I love it. So then, yeah. Well, so what came to mind when you were just saying that about telling your story and I love that you have the wisdom and you're yielding to the promptings of the Holy Spirit by sharing about the bankruptcy whenever you talk about your business, because I think that's the dichotomy of the world's version of being a successful business owner and that is you just share all the good products.

Speaker 2:29:12We're in target, whoop, whoop. You know, like look at me, look at what I've built, my empire, but the word of God and the Holy Spirit wants us to be humble and he wants to use our stories to draw them in, draw others to him and to him. Right? And so we do that. If we're perfect, if we're perfect, penelope not, most people can't relate to perfection and I think it keeps some people away because it's like, well look at her, she's so this and she's so that. But people can connect to pain because they're probably feeling it in some way as well.

Speaker 3:29:57.

Speaker 2:29:58So I love, and that's part of what we try to do on this show is to share the no one on this show is perfect myself especially, and we can overcome the different tactics of the enemy that he tries to use by talking about them and speaking truth and bringing that, using that as a source of power.

Speaker 3:30:19[inaudible] [inaudible]. Yeah. That's awesome.

Speaker 2:30:24Wow. So, um, I would love to maybe think about or hear more about what you feel like is next for you. I know like you've, you've already said that you're in a season of transition, um, and maybe all of that is not clear, but what ways are you thinking about trying to get that clarity?

Speaker 3:30:48Yeah. So, and the analogy that I'm using right now in life, um, is this hallway is partially open doors. Um, my husband sold his business last year. Um, it's been a good thing. I'm glad it's gone. He's spending more time with us that, excuse me, he did. He's embarking on a new career as well in real estate and our small town. And, um, we just heard right now this week praying about what direction to take that. My, my background, just because I've been a serial entrepreneur has sort of like really evolved in the marketing angle of things [inaudible] and I love doing marketing strategy for companies and so I've been praying about other potential clients, um, that I might be able to do marketing strategy for write, just write a marketing plan and then, and then let them go execute that on their own the first time I publicly said that.

Speaker 3:31:44So that's sort of a funny thing to throw out there. Um, I'm dabbling and, and a little retail venture. Okay. Called game home. It's just something fun for my friends locally to like come shop my little popup shop on Saturdays and, you know, maybe maybe God wants to do something with that. Um, I've been, this is so funny and I, I just laugh as I say this, am very fascinated with essential oils right now. And I've really gotten into that. Um, and I think that, that, um, I've done a lot of coaching for entrepreneurs and business owners over the years that I, I do young living and I think that as a business opportunity for women who want to give back to their family is, is frankly genius. I've coached so many women over years, they were like, I just can't figure out which idea to go on or how all the pieces of this work or how does have a customer service department or whatever. And, and so I'm praying about about that as you know, that if that's something that the Lord can use and um, my life to connect with other women and encourage them and help them give back to their families that he would open doors there. So that's my and I and I still consult for day designer so I sort of have like five running to do list and I get up and tackled different parts of them on any given day in addition to homeschooling my kids.

Speaker 2:33:16Okay. Yeah. Which I'm still like, Ooh, I need to like bow down and like I homeschool material. I really don't. But,

Speaker 3:33:26um, I, I, if I am, I fully believe, I fully believe everybody is,

Speaker 2:33:31it did take,

Speaker 3:33:32there is a mama who left a comment on my instagram and say I was like two weeks. Then I was like, we're still on a learning curve. And she said, yes, if you think you're on a learning curve, now I am afraid to tell you how long the learning curve actually is. And it was like, oh, my word. But then also it was just like that. I, you're saying, so you're saying there's an end to the learning curve is, is another way I sort of took it. Um, and it's been something we've figured out how to do as a family. So I would say right now it feels like that's one part of our lives that feels like it's working.

Speaker 2:34:06Oh good. That's awesome. I love that. I always admire families who homeschool. I just, I don't know, I don't feel like God is calling me to that right now. Yeah. But I love that you're into essential oils because I am too. And cool. Uh, yeah. And, and I've, I've dabbled in my research off and on over the years, but I'm kind of a wellness research junkie. Um, so like my, my bedtime reading is often reading about what different herbs do, like it's kind of bad. My family makes fun of me, but I love it and I'm also really, yeah, I'm a big advocate for traditional Chinese medicine and yeah, it's all, no plant herbal based and it's like 5,000 years old, which is way older than Western medicine. So that's another rabbit hole. Um, but I do enjoy in use. I'm a pretty avid user of essential oils. And for those of you who are listening, actually, if you go to my blog, which is be well my, there's a discount, I'm on essential oil labs products and you can just use my discount code and take advantage of high quality therapeutic grade, essential oils, affordable prices. I'm a very big fan of young living as well. I just known sometimes not all families can make that investment.

Speaker 3:35:47Yeah.

Speaker 2:35:48Yeah. So great. Well, I can't wait to follow you. Follow your journey of where God has you going next and I'm sure others would want to be able to follow that as well. So where can they, where can they follow you? How do they get in touch with you? Why don't you share that for us?

Speaker 3:36:07I'm on instagram at Whitney English. Try to post them right now. I'm really challenging myself. How my story, my season of home is what I'm calling it right now. Um, my website is [inaudible] dot com. I try to blog there but that probably only happens once every six months. Oh, it's a reform of maybe and I'm on twitter, which I know, not very many people. I feel like there's a crowd of people on twitter and I enjoy it. Um, I don't, I mean definitely like twitter's one of those things you use it for good, not evil. Somebody wants to engage over there. That's a great place for me to chat with them. So at wouldn't English [inaudible] dot com.

Speaker 2:36:55Perfect. Awesome. And I'll be sure to include those links into the show notes as well. So yeah, I know some, someone's probably on a treadmill right now, hopefully doing something really good for their body or there may be driving so you can't write all of this down and I tried to include detailed show notes for all my episodes. I really enjoyed our conversation today

Speaker 3:37:15and yeah, thank you so much for having me. It was such a blessing for me and so grateful for the opportunity.

Speaker 2:37:22Oh praise God. It's, it's really beautiful to just kind of sit back and see how the Holy Spirit moves the conversation and I know text messages and emails at times from people about how the show or what someone said, bless them or help them in that moment. And I know so many people will be touched by what you've shared today. So thank you.

Speaker 3:37:46Yeah, thanks for having me. Yeah.

Speaker 2:37:49So before we get ready to wrap up with prayer is, are there any closing thoughts, any kind of final things you want to share?

Speaker 3:37:58Nothing off the top of my head. No, it's been great.

Speaker 2:38:02Good. Okay, good. Awesome. Well let's get ready to close out in prayer. Father Lord, we love you. Lord, we thank you that you are God all the time, whether we are in the valley or whether we're on the mountain, whether we're in a period of darkness, a period of greatness, or if we are walking in the light and walking fully in the plans and the purposes that you have for us, you are God of the universe. You are creator of all things and so we just acknowledge you. Your word says that if we acknowledge you in all of our ways that you will direct our path, and so I asked you two direct our paths. Now father, lead us and guide us. Give us a heart of submission so that we can hear you. Lord, we love you and we praise you and we thank you that you're always good, always faithful, that you always love us and that you're always merciful. In Jesus' name. Amen. Amen. Kelly, thank you so much. Thank you. Holy Spirit. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Whitney. I've so enjoyed it. Until next time, everyone will talk to you soon.

Speaker 1:39:12Thank you for joining this episode of cubicles and Christ. Be sure to visit well my for fresh, biblical inspiration and practical ideas to thrive in life. May you grow in peace, love, and soul prosperity.

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