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Cubicles & Christ: In Pursuit of Spiritual Authenticity
Ruthlessly Trusting God to Make Lemonade out of Life's Lemons
July 16, 2018 Cubicles & Christ with Kelley Johnson

What's your response to life's lemons? Hear the powerful story of this former stay-at-home mom who literally turned life's lemons into Lisa's Lemonade, an organic, vegan lemonade that's inspiring others to live brighter lives. 

Lisa's advice for finding your purpose:

1. As others: "What do you see me do that I light-up about?"

2. What conversation topics do I enjoy joining?

3. What kinds of books do I gravitate towards?

4. What feels really satisfying?

Be sure to not filter your list! Stay open to what The Holy Spirit brings to you! Learn more at Connect with Lisa on  Instagram and  FaceBook.

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